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Richard Listenberger

Historic Marketing evolved from a career

business (Listenberger Design Assoc.) 

which provided graphic design, advertising & marketing services.

My personal interest in history and collecting militaria and antiques as a hobby, became an asset that directed me toward like-minded clients that included history-related orginazations, foundations, museums, the performing arts, and publishing companies. I could not have had a more enjoyable career; however, as the increasing demand to deal with the ever-changing digital age and dependency on electronic production, diminished the joy and profitability led me to pursue another direction. 

As a result of refurbishing my own collectables for over 30 years, others began seeking my services, creating a unique opportunity to merge both disciplines to do

what I love for a selective market. 


                                * * *

BFA, Herron School of Art, Indiana University

Indiana Antique Arms Collectors Assoc - past Pres. 

Sons of Union Veterans of the C.W.- past Post Com.

Ohio Valley Military Society, 35 year member

The Manual of Arms - Associate / show Rep.


This section is devoted

to chatter about topics relevant to militaria, antiques, collectables, show news, restoration, and trends in the related subject matter.

Comments and responses are welcomed by email.







As well, From time to time featured items will be offered for sale.

We encourage you to revisit our site often as we hope to keep it interesting. 


"CHEAP TALK"... so cheap it's free!

A new Civil War band is being formed

in Iowa by historian and principl musician, Steve Sprague. The Liberty Band of Iowa will be comprised of accomplished musicians, featuring only original period instruments. The band will perform music

drawn from 3500+ known titles to include

a broad spectrum that provides the sights and sounds most true to the period.

Steve commissioned me to create and paint the bass drum (pictured) to be the identity centerpiece for the band.

Information on the band is available at:


To clients & dealers - Our next military show attendance will be the Franklin TN, CW Show,

Dec. 7, 8, 2013.

Looking forward to seeing you there. 



As co-author of this book, I recommend it

as a viable picture rescource & reference, especially for Confederate hats.

90 pages, over 150 photos - soft cover.

$22 includes shipping.​

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